Camshaft Position Sensor Connector Pigtail

for Gen IV LS2 LS3 LS7


Part #: 100-00721


  • Engine Type: LS (24X), LS (58X)
  • Wire Count: 3
  • Connector Color: BLACK
  • Application: IGNITION


  • Weight: 1 Ounce

This pigtail is used with the camshaft sensor mounted in the front of Gen IV LS-series engines. The wire color configuration is incorrect for Gen III LS-series engines with camshaft sensor behind the intake manifold. Also used with EFI 24x/58x conversions. This connector pigtail will not connect to the Gen IV LS-series camshaft position sensor harness. To connect to the GM timing cover harness, use our Harness Mating connector pigtail, P/N 100-00875.