Unlock the potential of your engine and tune for performance upgrades with EFILive FlashScan! EFILive allows you to modify hundreds of calibration settings to create a customized ECU calibration for your engine and transmission. With included scanning software and optional input for a wideband O2 sensor, you will be able to make the required calibation changes to properly dial in your engine.

While FlashScan is typically sold as a scan tool for $599.00 and the GM Tuning Option for $450.00, EFI Connection simply offers  FlashScan V3 with GM Tuning Option as a combined bundle. Because our scope of products are largely GM, we do not advertise EFILive Dodge and Cummins tuning options. To add the $450.00 Dodge Cummins and/or $450.00 Cummins HD tuning options, contact us to purchase.

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