About Us

EFI Connection has been serving automotive enthusiasts since 2003. Initial product offerings included GM TPI, LT1, and LS-Series V8 engine wire harness components: engine wire harness assemblies, replacement OEM (Delphi & Molex) connectors, and harness assembly tools. We have since grown to include the following:

24x SBC and LT1 Systems

In 2008, EFI Connection released Crank & Cam Signal Kits that equip GM SBC and LT1 engines with the Gen III LS-Series 24x crankshaft and 1x camshaft signals. Our EFI 24x™and EFI 58x™ Product Lines are now available as kits for more than 50 SBC, LT1, and BBC engine configurations.

CNC Manufacturing

EFI Connection has been a CNC manufacturer since 2012.