About Us

Our Mission

To design innovative solutions, manufacture superior products, and provide exceptional service to automotive enthusiasts worldwide.


 EFI Connection has been serving automotive enthusiasts since 2003. Initial product offerings included GM TPI, LT1, and LS-Series V8 engine wire harness components: engine wire harness assemblies, replacement OEM (Delphi & Molex) connectors, and harness assembly tools. We have since grown to include the following:

24x SBC and LT1 Systems

In 2008, EFI Connection released Crank & Cam Signal Kits that equip GM SBC and LT1 engines with the Gen III LS-Series 24x crankshaft and 1x camshaft signals. Our EFI 24x™and EFI 58x™ Product Lines are now available as kits for more than 50 SBC, LT1, and BBC engine configurations.

CNC Manufacturing

EFI Connection has been a CNC manufacturer since 2012.