BenchForce™ PowerBlock II

12v Switch Assembly for OBD-II Programming


Part #: 140-00019

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  • Weight: 1 Pound

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Power Up ECUs on the Bench
The BenchForce™ PowerBlock is the highest quality 12v power solution (supporting up to 5 amps) you can experience for powering OBD-II and J1939 ECUs out of the vehicle. The black anodized, CNC machined, aluminum housing holds and protects a circuit board that contains an ignition power switch, OBD-II diagnostic connector, 2.1mm power connector, and 24-pin header for connecting ECU harnesses. Whether you are performing J2534, J1939, or custom ECU programming, our BenchForce™ line of products will help you get the job done!

One Switch Assembly - Many ECU Programming Harnesses
This modular design is simple: one switch assembly – many ECU programming harnesses. Our growing line of ECU programming harnesses provides a direct connection to the ECU that eliminates any accidental application of wires on the ECU header pins. 

BenchForce™ PowerBlock I is our lowest-cost switch assembly that replaces our original Professional Series unit. PowerBlock I lacks switchable CAN termination – a feature that can simply be added through the use of a Y-Splitter harness and CAN termination harness

BenchForce™ PowerBlock II adds switchable CAN termination through a 3-way ignition switch. This switch assembly contains two flush-mounted LEDs on the top housing – adding a battery power indicator. 

BenchForce™ PowerBlock III is for the tuner who wants to monitor the state of the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL). We add a third LED to the top housing. MIL support is not available with all ECU programming harnesses. PowerBlock III contains switchable CAN termination. 

J1939 Add-On Support

No need to purchase a second switch assembly for J1939 programming. J1939 is supported through our OBD-II to J1939 9 pin DLC adapter harness – a big value for heavy duty ECM programming!