93-02 Camaro Firebird Bracket for Holley HP or Dominator ECU


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While installing a Holley Dominator ECU in our 1997 Camaro Z28, we determined the Dominator would fit, but a bracket would have to be manufactured. After days of fitment testing and CAD design, we created this 3D printed bracket. Featuring internal carbon fiber reinforcement, this bracket is stronger than the original LT1 and LS1 PCM brackets.

The main bracket (center) will hold a Holley HP ECU. The Holley Dominator ECU is supported by adding the side "wings". ECU is mounted in Holley's recommended connectors-down orientation.

Printed with a Markforged Mark Two 3D printer using Onyx base material and continuous strand carbon fiber reinforcement within. Threaded 10-24 brass inserts are heat set and embedded into the bracket.

Holley Terminator X and Terminator X Max ECU bolt patterns are not supported as they shouldn't be mounted in the engine bay.