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PowerBlock™ - Vehicle Wiring. Simplified.

BenchForce™ PowerBlock is the central hub for powering up an ECU on the bench. PowerBlock is a circuit board solution that simplifies a vehicle's wiring into one simple CNC machined billet aluminum enclosure.

Through the use of add-on harnesses, PowerBlock can handle just about any bench programming - especially OBD-II and J1939 applications. Connect your USB or serial laptop-to-vehicle programming interface to PowerBlock's OBD-II diagnostic connector and then choose from the growing selection of BenchForce ECU harnesses.

PowerBlock™ on the Bench

ECU > ECU Harness > Pass-Through > PowerBlock

Several simple steps and you'll be ready to connect your programming interface tool to PowerBlock's OBD-II diagnostic connector.


J1939 9-Pin Diagnostic Connector Support

J1939 programming tool support is available with the use of our OBD-II 16-pin DLC to J1939 9-pin DLC harness. ECUs that support both OBD-II and J1939 need only change the pass-through harness for dual protocol compatibility!

PowerBlock's OBD-II 16-pin DLC follows industry standards. J1939 9-pin DLC has no standard. It is important to verify proper 9-pin DLC pin layout to ensure compatibility with your programming interface tool.


PowerBlock™ IV - ROM Boot Support

To provide for the Cummins ECU ROM boot feature, we added a momentary switch to the face of the PowerBlock II, anodized the housing red, and called it PowerBlock IV.

PowerBlock IV supports OBD-II and is best-suited for J1939 because of its included ROM boot switch for Cummins ECUs.

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