12V PowerBlock™ Switch Assemblies

PowerBlock™ switch assemblies are compatible with all of our J1939 ECU programming harnesses. CNC machined aluminum housings contain a circuit board with high quality Delphi connections, 5 amp reset-able fuse protection, and switchable CAN termination. 

Anodized red PowerBlock™ IV switch assemblies add a top flush-mounted momentary switch for use with Cummins ROM boot feature.

Adapters and Accessories

Power cables, J1939 related harnesses, and Y-splitter for use with PowerBlock™ switch assemblies.

CUMMINS HD J1939 Programming Harnesses

Programming harnesses for Cummins heavy duty vehicle and off-highway engine ECUs.

CATERPILLAR Programming Harnesses

NEW! Now supporting several CAT ECMs.

INTERNATIONAL® Programming Harnesses

NEW! J1939 programming harnesses for International® truck engines.